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Our Method

We offer service to take care of your gopher problem on a one-time or monthly program. We use several trapping techniques to eliminate of your gopher infestation.
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100% Green

We are proud to be 100% GREEN, Environmentally safe AND strictly trappers! We strongly advise you to only hire a professional trapper, that strictly uses only traps, without any baits, poisons or gasses.


Gopher control and removal should be initiated as soon as the animal has been discovered living in this area as Gophers will chew the roots from plants, trees and shrubs thus effectively killing them. Expensive landscaping can be ruined quickly by this very small animal. California is home to the pocket gopher, plains gopher, California pocket gopher, and yellow-faced gopher. They are often called by their first name, the pocket gopher

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Gopher & Mole Inspection

We provide a full and thorough inspection to determine the level of mounds and damaged areas of your property. After our inspection is finished, we provide a detailed report from our findings and give you an estimate based on the findings and the amount of work that is required. Along with the report, we also give you options based on your budge

Gopher & Mole Control Services

We create a customized plan of action to eliminate and treat the affected areas of your property. Traps are placed along all the affected areas. They are left for a period of time to allow the capture of the mole or gopher. Upon return we remove and dispose of the captured mole or gopher.

Our Guarante

We guarantee our gopher or mole control work, and provide the highest quality level of service
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What they Do

Call Today and Stop the Damage!

Gopher control and removal should only be attempted by people who understand the behavior of this animal. Gopher Trapping Pros is your local professional that can get rid of your gopher. Call Us today!

GOPHER & MOLE Trapping Specialist

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Gopher Control in San Mateo

Pocket Gophers, also known as Gophers, are rodents that live in burrows and dig tunnels. If there are several gophers, they can create several tunnels and destroy your property. The more extensive the tunnel system they create, the more mounds you will find on your property. It is very important to eliminate the gopher problem immediately. These rodents range in size from about 6 to 10 inches, and can produce 20 offspring per year. Gophers spend the majority of their time underground, but you will see them come out from a mound of dirt every once in a while.
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