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At Gopher Trapping Pros, we not only have the knowledge about soil quality, reading indications on gopher tunnels but have the best equipment and tools to enter the tunnels and target each gopher that has been creating a ruckus on your property.

Although most of the methods of removing and controlling gophers in residential and commercial properties remain the same, we never (ever) use poison baits in residential gopher removal programs as children and pets can be harmed. Our method is 100% Green using traps ONLY!

If you have a problem with gophers at your home or business in the Bay area, you have just found a company that handles full animal trapping and removal. Our company is Gopher Trapping Pros and we welcome your call today at (650) 796-4917. or (415) 828-1616.

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How Do You Get Rid of Gophers?

Many experts and professionals deem pocket gopher traps to be one of the more effective forms of gopher control and ways to get rid of gophers.

Instrumental to the art of gopher trapping, however, is to first understand the biology and behavior of these creatures.

Understanding gopher behavior helps property owners improve their efficiency in using gopher traps. You become enabled to more accurately develop strategies on how to trap gophers.

Gopher Biology and Behavior

The pocket gopher is active throughout the year and is a herbivore. As herbivores, a gopher’s standard diet includes a wide variety of vegetation, but generally herbaceous plants, roots, shrubs and trees.

In many yards it is often common for these ground creatures to completely destroy the roots and the fleshy portions of plants encountered while tunneling.

Hence, if you are trying to determine where to find gophers in your lawn, you should typically first start in areas of dense vegetation.

Why Gopher Traps are Effective?

Gophers unlike yard moles do not leave behind visible surface tunnels. However, gophers too create vast networks of underground tunnels and often their feeding tunnels lay only about five inches below the ground. As gophers often use networks of feeding tunnels as tools for acquiring food, the burrowing herbivores are often compelled to keep such tunnels open.

This very fact is the basic for Gopher traps and is what makes the gopher trap most effective!

To be effective, the trap must be set to catch the gopher underground. The goal is to trap (kill) the gopher when it travels through or attempts to plug one of its tunnels.

Five times more effective!

The only method employed by us to eliminate your gophers and moles is trapping. We have spent countless hours, days, and years trying different methods to control these pests. Trapping has been proven to be about 5 times more successful than poison. And about 100% more effective than other home-brew methods.

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Gopher Trapping Pros in San Mateo, Santa Clara & San Francisco Counties

Many people waste big money and time trying their own gopher control and mole control. You’re not alone! We have seen the frustration and look of defeat on many peoples faces. They have tried it all-trapping, poisoning, and those gimmicks and wives’ tales. Our gopher and mole trapping control methods work! It is the most reliable gopher and mole extermination process out there today!

Trapping Method

In the studies we have done in the field, trapping shows to be about 98-100% effective. Poisoning is only about 15-20% effective.

Fast & Effective

Depends on the size of the job, the density of population, and the animal(s) being controlled. Gophers and moles usually can be done in 2-5 days

NO Mess Left Behind

We have to dig. The hole is usually only about 6 inches in diameter. No there will not be a mess. When we are gone you will hardly notice we have been there at all.

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Safety First

Most gopher and mole traps are placed safely under the ground and marked with a utility flag.

Our Guarantee

The guarantee is to eliminate the problem that is there now. Just like other pests, new gophers and moles will eventually come in to replace the ones that have been trapped.

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